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This is the technology that transforms your ideas into unique packaging

Thermoforming is certainly one of the most interesting processing technologies, since it allows parts, or finished products, to be obtained with small, medium or large surfaces or with medium geometric complexity.


The greatest advantage of the thermoforming conducted by PLASTECO certainly lies in the time saved: prototyping, sampling and production of thermoformed packages will be processed in very rapid times.


The principle of PLASTECO’s thermoforming fully exploits the characteristics of the various thermoplastic materials on the basis of the various packaging needs of the end customer.



Thermoforming is a technique of hot moulding plastic materials that, starting with slabs or reels, takes the desired form by means of a mould previously made by our technicians.


The heated plastic raw material adheres to an aluminium mould, taking the same shape as the mould and, once cooled, ensures that the piece can be removed from the mould without distortions that could influence the final production of the piece.


In this operation, the semi-processed material almost always constitutes a membrane of separation between two environments at different pressures, both positive and negative; the heating can be carried out by hot air or infrared lamp irradiation, the cooling is generally done by air flow.


The actual thermoforming is carried out with different systems: negative mould, positive mould, positive/negative mould, with preliminary blow-moulding, with counter mould. Which solution to adopt or what aids to use will be decided based on the shapes required by the client.


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Among the main products and processes signed PLASTECO:


Vacuum thermoforming




Tubs for foodstuffs

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